Thursday, May 22, 2008

:: Flying Too Close to the Sun ::

So a while ago I was having some serious washer trouble. The stupid thing would over flow at the drainage pipe every time it would empty during the rinse cycles. So for about a month I would sit in the laundry room and wait for the water to start draining and then lift the lid to prevent the water from exiting the drainage pipe too fast. Super lame-o, but it worked. Finally through some gift of the Goddess of the House Wife, I was able to unclog the previously un-unclogable pipe and get the washer back to normal.

This was a few months ago, so last night Kgordee asked me how the washer was doing (any trouble, that sort of thing), nope I answered, it has been great. Poor Stupid Camille, bless your Stupid little Heart!

So today, I have been doing a shlode of laundry, minding my own business and taken' care of business. I was feeling very adventurous so I thought I would try washing our pillows in the machine, since according to the one Oprah* show I have ever seen in my life the dust mites that were building up in my pillows were going to descend on my family and kill us all. Maybe you aren't suppose to wash pillows in the washer, how embarrassing for me, I don't know these things.

Anyway, the stupid rat b&*#$%# over flowed again, and yes because I was working on a crap load of laundry there was plenty of dirty clothes on the floor to get wet. So that is always fun, I guess at least they weren't clean. I really hate my stupid washing machine right now, it makes me so cranky.

*I don't know how I remember this, but it has stayed with me for far too long. Oh and I totally forgot about my three months of best rest with the twins, so I lied I have seen more then one Oprah show. Oops.


Moddy said...

I'll get over it.
I'm sorry that your washer is giving you more problems. Maybe if you left offerings to the "Washer Gods" they would make your washer behave. GOOD LUCK!

miss kitti said...

So sorry. There would have been many tears and unkind words in my house. "Ratba*&%" is one my favs.