Tuesday, May 20, 2008

:: I've been working in the garden all the live long day ::

Here the kids are "helping" Grandpa water a tree in his back yard in Payson. They love anything to do with a) water 2) dirt and d) grandpa!
Notice who is playing with the little pink teether, or who at least was playing with it.
Now notice who has the pink teether and who has fallen on their face. I didn't realize (until I saw these pictures) the reason poor little Dallyn had careened onto her face was that my daughter was prying Dallyn's toy so loving out of her wee little baby hands. Tyler and Reagen's girls are so beautiful, it is always fun to see them and play with their little feet. Unfortunately they are always a little worse for the ware after our visits. Sorry Reagan.


KickButtMommy said...

more twins? I love it!

Jessica said...

Hah, what a funny photo! Twins are the best--even aggressive older ones.

reggstyl said...

Those pics are great. And we always love it when you guys come over, it helps my kids build character :)

Emilie & Branden said...

Dude. Everything we planted got blown to bits last night. No peas :(

And I use shlode thanks to you. We have the best vocab....EVER!!!!!

Heidi said...

You crack me up with your verbage on your posts. The kids look delighed to: 1. be on the grass B. seeing G-pa and IV. having their pic taken.